Pre-Construction Services

  • Review of design documents for project scope and coordination.
  • Development and maintenance of the project schedule, including identification of milestones.
  • Development of detailed budget cost estimates based on phased design input for cost control.
  • Value engineering services.
  • Cost estimates and monitoring of design proposals against control budget.
  • Conducting constructability reviews and assessment of opportunities to reduce cost and schedule.
  • Expediting of design process through coordination with Owner and A/E.
  • Development of project status report including cost, schedule, and change controls.
  • Identification of long lead items for construction and procurement.
  • Assessment of local markets regarding labor and material availability and shortages.
  • Preparation of cash flow projections.
  • Pre-qualification of subcontractors and screening of approved bid lists.
  • Assembling of trade-work bid packages.
  • Convening and chairing of pre-bid and award meetings for subcontracts.
  • Assisting owner with filing and securing permits.
  • Establishment of field office, organization project records, and commencement of field contract planning.
  • Implementation of quality control and safety programs.
What an awesome team we have. Everyone stepped up and did what was necessary to help make this phase of the move a success and I have to tell ya...the 16th floor looks amazing.

John Mungo, Malcolm Pirnie

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