Construction Services

  • Interpretation of design documents to coordinate and sequence the work.
  • Supervision of, scheduling of, and coordination of the subcontractors’ work.
  • Implementation of site safety program.
  • Review and direction of all methods and means of construction.
  • Convening and chairing of weekly coordination and progress meetings.
  • Providing regular updates of the cost and progress reports.
  • Inspection of work for contract compliance and building owner approvals.
  • Coordination of the subcontractors’ work with the Tenant’s vendors and consultants.
  • Execution and administration of the trade subcontracts.
  • Establishment and administration of payment procedures for the work.
  • Establishment of procedures for implementing and monitoring changes in the work.
  • Representation of the Tenant with regard to claims received from the subcontractors.
  • Maintenance of field records, accounting data, drawings, and project documentation.
  • Maintenance of the project schedule.
  • Preparation of punch-list with assistance from the Architect.
SCG was able to meet Digitas' aggressive schedule to complete 30,000+ square feet in just under 10 weeks. They were able to effectively work within the budget provided to build a modern space reflective of the Digitas culture.

Marybeth Traynor, Digitas

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