Signature Construction Group, Inc.


Founded in 1990, Signature Construction is a New York based General Contractor that is an industry leader in green building and design.  With four offices located in New York, Stamford, Hartford, and Boston, Signature’s areas of operation span from New Jersey to Massachusetts.  Member of the USGBC since 2007, Signature’s knowledgeable and LEED AP certified staff execute every job professionally and with the highest quality. 

Previous work and client testimonials tell the extent of our professionalism and expertise.  Signature prides itself on its exemplary service and quality- delivering a superior product every time.  The satisfaction and safety of the customer is Signature’s only concern. 

Signature does not relegate itself to one area of work or expertise, rather it sees diversity, in all aspects, as fundamental to its success.  Public and private schools, non-profits, commercial office space, corporate parks, and municipal projects are just some of the areas that Signature has excelled.  With the highly educated staff of engineers, architects, estimators, accountants, superintendents, and project managers, Signature is able to field any inquiry in any field. 

With over twenty years of experience, Signature Construction is forging into the future of construction, embracing the new trends of the industry, and utilizing technology to revolutionize daily work aspects.

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     since 1990.

Signature Construction

    160 Seventh Street

   Brooklyn, NY 11215

     Tel: 718-788-1669

     Fax: 718-312-3544

Signature Construction CT

        745 E Main Street

      Stamford, CT 06902

        Tel: 203-325-0628

        Fax: 203-325-0629

Signature Construction Group of CT

            250 Constitution Plaza

               Hartford, CT 06130

                 Tel: 860-656-9300

                 Fax: 860-656-6199

Signature Construction Mgmt. of MA

                   58 Ash Street

           Hopkinton, MA 01748

                Tel: 617-820-5158

                Fax: 857- 221-4047